About Mitch

When I was six years old, inspired by the overture to The Phantom of the Opera, I decided I wanted to play the pipe organ. Since we didn't have a pipe organ at home (and we weren't about to install one, no matter how nicely I asked), I decided I wanted to take piano lessons instead. I fell in love with the piano immediately, and that's where my obsession with music started. I don't attribute any of my musical ability to some special gift or innate "sense" of music. Instead, I attribute it to having been immersed in music for my entire life, with piano lessons, band, choir, jazz, recitals, concerts, college courses—I owe immense gratitude to all the wonderful music teachers I've had over the past 25-plus years, as well as to my parents for getting me started and supporting me wholeheartedly all the way.

Born and raised in Morris, Minnesota, I now live in Minneapolis with my husband, Vamsi. I have a B.A. in music from the University of Minnesota, Morris and a Master of Arts in Music Education from the University of St. Thomas. I teach piano lessons five days a week and spend much of the rest of my time practicing, composing, and studying. When not engaged in music, I can be found riding my bike (with a helmet, of course!), eating far more than my fair share of donuts, or pretending to be a gardener (we have perennials, so they pretty much take care of themselves). And someday, I really would like to have a pipe organ at home.